We are always looking for high quality writing about Leftist politics in the United States If you are interested in guest writing for us, you should do the following:

  1. Decide if your viewpoint fits our publication, broadly speaking. Check out our first article “Introduction to the American Left,” by Michael Souders for a broad outline of our perspective. You can also read over our previous articles as well. You are not required to agree with our prior articles, but we do have some general parameters.
  2. Decide if your idea is doable in our format. We publish articles that are between 1500-3500 words in length and we seek an informed but accessible style.
  3. If you think you fit, contact us at editor@americanleft.org to inquire about the opportunity to be a guest writer. To submit a request, please provide:
    1. Your real name.
    2. Your contact information, including an email and physical address.
    3. Your current position or employment position.
    4. A short resume or curriculum vitae that describes your background in writing or politics.
    5. A single-paragraph article proposal, including a title, 100-150 words in length.

You should hear back about your proposal within 10 business days. Submissions must be made 60 days in advance of a next quarterly publication day (January 15, May 1, July 15 and October 15).

Things to know:

  • We do not pay writers. No one at the American Left currently receives any payments of any kind.
  • Acceptance of a proposal does not guarantee publication. If an article is not ready, it will be bumped to the next issue or declined from publication.
  • We do not use peer review. Your proposal will be reviewed by the editor and the assistant editor.
  • We will generally ask that writers serve as a guest writer for one or more issues before becoming a regular contributing writer.
  • All articles published in the American Left subsequently belong to the American Left, with authors and writers having free use of the material (with proper attribution). In general, writers will not be permitted to ask for their articles to be withdrawn from the American Left once they are published.
  • We have a set editing process that your submission will undergo. Once your proposal is accepted, we will ask for a first draft. We will then provide feedback, and ask to speak to you via phone, Skype or Google Hangout. We’ll ask for at least one more draft and then engage in our editing final process. Not all edits will be submitted for author approval and the editors reserve the right to make final changes.