Introduction to the American Left: A Roadmap for the New/Old Politics of American Opposition

By Michael Souders, Editor— Terry Eagleton, commenting on Jacques Derrida’s 1994 book Specters of Marx which announces Derrida’s rather conditional affiliation with Marx, asked a pointed question: “Where was Jacques Derrida when we needed him, in the long dark night of Reagan-Thatcher?...There is something pretty rich…about this sudden dramatic somersault onto a stalled bandwagon.”[1] It [...]

The Radical Technocrat

By Dylan Quigley— Expertism should be politicized, not neutralized by dangerous appeals to “mass democracy.” The Radical Left has an uncomfortable tendency to claim a majoritarian righteousness for which it has no mandate. The reality is that nearly 63 million people voted for Trump. And while in the most charitable interpretation, millions voted for Trump [...]